A Day in Mumbai

Mumbai.. Mumbai..

All that I know about Mumbai is a recollection of what I have seen in Bollywood films and newspapers. It’s supposed to be buzzling with life and spirit. Extremely crowded city, in fact the most populous city in India. I have been to all the metros in India except Mumbai. After I moved to Pune (for Job), visiting Mumbai over the weekend was inevitable – due to two major reasons, firstly my brother-in-law lives there and secondly, it’s only a three hour drive.

What inspired me ..

Basically, I am a lazy guy. I make all the big travel plans on Mondays and when I near Friday, everything gets postponed.. Wonder what such people are called in English, I think ‘Lazy’.. So when my wife made plans for a weekend Mumbai trip, I needed a push other than just visiting a relative. It was a clever idea from my wife to introduce me to an art festival “Kaala Ghoda”.

Rekindling the Photographer in ME..

2013 was filled with events and brought in a lot of changes to my life. Moved from NY to Chennai, India. Went back to US for a 3 month business trip, back to Chennai.. Moved to a new rented house in Chennai.. Quit my job, joined another in Pune.. Was living alone for a month, my wife moved after her job transfer.. Rented a house and finally & hopefully all set at least for the next few years.. Fingers crossed.. 🙂

Due to all these reasons, my photography suffered a lot.. I was totally uninspired and lazy to pick up my DSLR. Pune is lively and is a city surrounded by many beautiful locations, it begged me to take up the camera again. Also, I convinced my wife to approve my decision to invest in a IPhone.. 🙂

Now, It’s a whole new chapter in my photography life.. IPhone is such a powerful tool, I soon started to curse myself for not getting an IPhone during my NY life.

Kaala Ghoda

clip_image001[4] Kala Ghoda Arts Festival provides an opportunity to experience a kaleidoscope of music, dance, theatre, literature, street stalls, films, workshops for adults and children, visual arts and heritage walks. Nine joyful days to refresh your mind, inspire your senses and feel exhilarated! – excerpt taken from the website – http://kalaghodaassociation.com/

I am going to share a few pictures that i had taken during my visit.

Photo 08-02-14 15 09 00 Photo 08-02-14 13 37 04
Photo 08-02-14 14 17 24 Photo 08-02-14 16 19 43
Photo 08-02-14 13 39 12 Photo 08-02-14 15 07 23

Since the blog post is getting too big, I will continue my update in the next post.


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